The Lost Cat – കുട്ടിക്കഥ

[ This story is written by my daughter 8 year old Nandana a.k.a Nanda ]

This book is dedicated to mom, dad and brother !!



Once there was a little girl who owned a cat. The cat had beautiful orange fur. She was pretty and a good listener.


One day the cat wandered around the city and got into a shopping mall.


Back at the house, the girl was crying with tears !

“It’s okay, don’t be sad” – said mom and dad.




Meanwhile, the cat got kicked out of the mall into the deep dark woods.

She was scared. “Meow ..mmmmeow..” she purred.

Suddenly she saw a snake “sssssss…” the snake smelled her.


Meanwhile, the little girl was still crying. Then her dad got an idea.


“We can put posters of the missing cat” – he said.

The girl felt better, she was really creative and she created a poster.


Everyone in the city saw the posters, but nobody could help with.

“I am sure that I saw the cat..” said the mall man, but he couldn’t remember well.

The mall man was sure he saw the cat. He went to the chief’s office.

“I am sure I saw the cat, can I see the security camera ” asked the mall man.

“Sure” chief approved.

When he saw the security camera, he suddenly recognized.

“I kept her in the woods !!” cried the mall man.

A few days later, the mall man came to the woods to get the cat, and guess what.

The cat was eating berries with the snake !!!


When the cat came back she was overjoyed !! even the girl.

Now they were soooooooo happy !!

They lived happily ever after !!!


Story and Pictures by Nandana Sijith









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