Dreamzzz: Back To Home- 30 Days More || Static Shock

Waiting for the Departure day is always keeps me excited..I have completed almost 6 weeks of my stay in Milwaukee.  I don’t remember how many times I would have checked my Itinerary. All alone, staying ina 2 BHK apartment.  Nobody to talk..Its getting colder here. I want to keep myself away from drinks..and looks like I can survive without that.

Trees started showing colors. Green to Yellow, to orange. This time could not visit many places.

Spending most of the time by watching movies/streaming. Last night watched The Bands’ Visit one Israely movie..nice one. Sound Recording is very good. They have captured the sound in very realistic way.

Stories in making are going through the mental fermentation …waiting for the trigger or a highly pushable mental static shock to start writing.

Movies Watched So far:

The Bands’ Visit http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi3903914265/

Short Films from Vimeo (I have to say, they have got a real huge collection..)

Akkarakazhchakal (what a realistic performances/story..George Thekkummoottil ….)

Safari (French movie..nice-comedy)

Hangover ( 😦 —)

Paavam Paavam Rajakumaran (I missed this movie multiple times..enjoyable. Malayalam industry is missing this kind of soft,light comedies..)

Luck By Chance ..(Farhaan…!!!)

there are more movies on the list to watch …

October 17 is the alumni day for CAS Calicut..am going to miss that. Hope others will participate. Thought of posting something on the Bangalore Times..but need that ‘Static Shock’

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