New Girl In My Life

New Girl In My Life

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

7:44 PM

It was during the anomaly scanning, Dr Anil Agarwal of Lotus Clinic, Indira Nagar told us about this magical energy a baby’s heartbeat can pass to you. He was keep on exciting us by showing the movements of our baby sleeping inside the womb and he told us:

“Hear..this is the heartbeats of your baby. Listen to this…Sometimes I used to see many parents coming here sitting in this room and crying with joy after hearing the first beats of their baby. The duty nurses used to wonder what is there to cry for just a heart beat and I used to tell them..this is magical..many would have waited a long to hear this for the first time..”

and that is true…I would say, I could see the tears on my wife’s face. This is our first second, our first baby could not survive the pregnancy period and the life of our baby ended in the missed abortion. It could be mere coincidence, almost one year before sitting in the same scanning room we realized from Dr. Agarwal that the pregnancy is not healthy and we had to abort the baby.  And those were the toughest days in our life.

Sex determination is illegal in India..thanks to those “people who strongly believe in millions of Gods and Goddesses, fake believes and who could not even tolerate a baby girl..:( and to the stupid dowry system…”.

And we wanted a baby girl.

Last week, Friday my wife could not sleep a single second. This was the second day she was admitted   to the hospital after a small discharge. She was crying that whole night with pain and the duty nurses were keep on telling her “this is just a false pain and how would you tolerate the real labour pain??” and that made her more worried as there was 15 more days to the due date. This is first time we would have counted seconds in our life. Saturday, 5:30 AM the nearby church played nice devotional songs and still my wife was crying with pain and I was the only one person there that time and both of us had no prior experience in handling this kind of situations..and more over, this was entirely different from whatever we heard from countless friends, experienced mothers and health magazines.

At 6:00 AM, pain got more intensive..duty nurses rushed in to the room and they verified..this is just a fake pain…and asked to inform them when it become untolerable. We really didn’t  have any clue on  the bench mark for the “tolerable pain” :).

7:10 AM, someone from Labour theatre escorted my wife to the labour room. She walked with the nurse..Not in any stretchers as shown in movies..:) and I was in the middle of brushing my teeth.

7:40AM: I was waiting outside the labour theatre. Long back during our first pregnancy I waited outside the labour room and out of tension I had signed wrong papers for a wrong person..funny!!.

Duty nurse slided the curtain and informed me: “Started the labour pain and we are going to intuce the pain..get some clothes..”

8:10AM: I could hear a hundred thousand babies crying inside my head and duty nurse again slided the curtain..I was the only person sitting there in the waiting room. “You Got a Baby Girl”…

8:20AM: New girl in our life is now smiling lying on her grand mothers hand..She just opened her eyes and winked at me and smiled.

Life is changed..we have got a central point. New responsibilites…and now our first responsibility is to find a new name for her. A name that would uniquely identify her. We are looking for names..

and we called her Nandana or Nanda!!!

Thanks to all your prayers and wishes.


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