On My First Short Movie-Onsite

Many says, “Dreams and Life are coaches running on parallel lines”. But there would be some small junctions were these coaches will exchange few passengers and continue their parallel journey.

Last fall season (September to November)I was in Waukesha county a small town in Wisconsin state. Near to the land of Bowling and Harley Davidson-Milwaukee. Away from my sweet wife for a short term assignment. Trees started showing their hidden colors before hibernating  for the upcoming winter. There were un-predictable changes in the weather condition and Wisconsin is notorious for its extreme cold.

I met few young engineers from my home state Kerala. They were from the company NeST , Trivandrum for their onsite assignment. We shared a lot of common interests and started building a great rapport.  After 5:30 when all the native engineers leave their cubicles to catch up with their family, the corridors of our company echoed with Malayalam jokes and conversations.

Almost same time I bought a Sony HD Camcoder through Amazon and Shobin got a Cannon HD handy cam. Making a short film was always there in my dreams from college days. I was deeply involved in writing few scripts and later ended up in writing half boiled stories.

Two HD camcoders and a bunch of talented engineers (true actors in heart), we decided to shoot a movie.

That day evening, before 7 PM I walked to their 3 BHK apartment with my small camera and few ideas in my mind.

I had no script written..no dialog planned.. no scenes drawn. I had no clue who will render my mindless characters to lively characters for the camera.

My theme was OnSite. 3 different stories based on Onsite trip.

1. Husband:

This is his last night before his return to India. And his wife is expecting his baby and the due date is within few hours. This was the story given to Neethin. He had to perform all the tensions of a husband away from his wife’s delivery period.

I would say, Neethin was excellent. Born actor.

Last few months, these clips were sleeping beneath the layers of my hard disk as few zeros and ones. Today, I could complete stitching them together as a 10 minutes movie.

I enjoyed making this…

I know this project lacks technical quality. Not planned properly…and have only used natural lights and sound. I have copied few sound tracks from A.R Rehman’s “Warriors of Heaven and Earth” ..still wanted to upload this to YouTube.

Hope you guys will enjoy it…

Behind The Scenes:

Story/Editing/Direction : Sijith Nair

Production: Black Frames Short Movie Makers

Camera: Shobin Babu

Starring: Neethin Kakkuzhiyil Saju.

Associate Direction: Niyas Ahammad


I am stealing your 10 minutes..Please see it till the end.


Send your feedback to kuttantekathupetti@gmail.com

The next movie on this series is Bachelor and it is on the way………..

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ajay പറയുക:


    good work.. long way to go..but a good work from your busy schedules. Happy to see my friends are getting time for creativity even u are miles abroad.

    1. Sijith പറയുക:

      Thanks Ajay…will definitely try for a better product next time.

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