It’s Life- Chapter1: Womb to The World

Today-January 9th 2011, 11:44 IST- I am exactly 29 years 41 weeks 2 days 1 hour 9 minutes 10 seconds old. That means exactly 29 years 41 weeks 2 days 1 hour 9 minutes ago, 0ne of the 500 millions sperm-(that’s me)-survived fighting with other unlucky sperm brothers and helped my mother to conceive me. I should be thankful to my father for not taking kafein(coffee) that Tuesday and that way create me as a Man. Later I came to know he never likes to take coffee and that would be one of the reason I have 2 brothers, no sisters, 😉

From one of those several pages of internet searches I could make out Friday, 1980 June 27 was my first day alive, that means that was the day I became a living entity, or a single cell creature, embryo, that DNA laid foundations for my future destiny like sex, physical appearance, caste, religion,state,  follow the languages my mother speak, intelligence and up to some extent my relatives. And Friday, 18 July 1980 is the day very much important in my life when my heart pumped for the first time and which still continues to beat with the same passion to keep me alive!!! I am sure that was the first day my father would have felt so proud that he is transitioning in to a new Role  (Yes!!! Recently when I heard the first heart beats of my baby deep inside from my wife’s womb ,  sitting inside the Ultrasound room- I felt the same pride!!!!)

When I talk about how I felt lying inside the womb and kick on the walls to send messages to my mother for more food, more happiness and more and more stuffs which I don’t remember now..I was actually making them happy by the pleasure waves I created inside the womb. Sorry, there needs to be little correction-I was not alone!!

I shared my mothers womb with my twin brother!!! Shared everything our mother had reserved for us. Oxygen/Blood/Love/Care/Food/Vitamin tablets…everything. I am not sure whether she had taken pills like Pregnacare, Shelcal or any other vitamin/iron tablets. Likely to be not.

1981, April 2nd-Note this, it is not 1st April or not on an April Fool’s day-  a Thursday..we two shared lives born in to this world in a private hospital at Calicut district in the state Kerala of India..which is part of Asia, Earth-one of the planet rotates Sun which is part of some some Galaxy etc etc. Yeah I was born with a long address in this World.

Thanks to that one survived sperm!!!!!

Survival of the Fittest.

And within few hours of our birth the shared life lost its future happiness, love, lust everything and made me to live as a single entity. No more a twin. Born as twin but lost the other one.

The first sacrifice !!!!!!

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  1. Sijith പറയുക:

    Writing my first Novel-It’s Life. Please read and send me your comments!

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